Waypoint 90--In the Chambers of the Sea-Novel

A bitter-sweet romance rich in well-drawn and appealing characters, this is the story
of a love that redeems a man’s soul and changes many people’s lives.  From the Florida
Keys of the 70s and the Cuba of the Mariel boat lift to an Epilogue that brings the
story into the present, the author’s highly visual descriptive writing suggests the
scenes of a movie on each page.
Paperback Price $15.00 Website Special $5 OFF
Sea Lust-Poetry Collection

If poetry can be said to be the songs of the heart, then this is a book of heart songs, the deeply
felt emotions of a heart that is searching, seeking its own unique way through the labyrinth of
human emotions and experiences that make up a life.  As you read his words and listen to their
song, your heart will soar and your pulse will quicken, his words are like the sea flowing through
your fingers as you wade in a crystal clear ocean. When the heart speaks, what we hear is truth.
Truth as seen through the eyes of a poet, a poet at heart.

Price $7.50

Memorias de un Taquigrafo--(Spanish/Espanol)--Memoirs

This book contains the story of a man whose honesty, loyalty, strength of character, generosity
and joyful appetite for life touched all who knew him in ways that they will never forget. A man
who loved his family and fishing along with his passionate love for his country and his career as
a parliamentary stenographer that takes him from the offices before Castro and placed him at the
zenith of his unique profession. Price $17.50
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The Weight of Sin

 Written in a highly visual style, this is the story of four people. A man
and woman from totally different countries and cultures, a jilted wife who
refuses to forgive and becomes an FBI agent, and a priest with a sinful past
who brings faith and healing to those in need.    
Alex and Illapa, a young Peruvian woman, become terrorists.   Ultimately
hey must flee to save their lives. They begin a new journey of awareness,
faith, and love in the mountains of South America.
Linda, abandoned wife and
newly-minted FBI agent, pursues her targ
ets zealously.
The story and the lives of the four people come into focus in th
is timely story
of romance, intrigue, terrorism and redemption.

Paperback Price $18 plus S/H
CLICK HERE for Kindle Edition $9.99
CLICK HERE for Kindle Edition $9.99