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Waypoint 90-In the Chambers of the Sea-Novel

A bitter-sweet romance rich in well-drawn and appealing
characters, this is the story of a love that redeems a man’s
soul and changes many people’s lives.

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Sea Lust-Poems from the Heart

If poetry can be said to be the songs of the heart, then this
is a book of heart songs, the deeply felt emotions of a heart
that is searching,

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What readers are saying:

Sea Lust

"This is one of the most
beautiful poetry books I
have read...absolutely
beautiful!" Ali M.

Waypoint 90

"my favorite book ever..."
Michelle B.

"...your style is unique
and shows a tenderness that
most authors lack."
Jack Denson, Phd.
(Professor and Author)

beautiful tale, I couldn't
put it down..."
Jill S. (Reg. Nurse)

"Your writing style makes
it very easy for the reader
to become engrossed in the
storyline,. I related with
the characters and felt the
passion behind your story."
Mary C. (Psychologist)

"I love your style and your
poetic soul shines through
with every line, thank you
for sharing your magic with
Pamela V. (Actress)
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The Weight of Sin

  Written in a highly visual style, The Weight of Sin is the story of four
people. A man and woman from totally different countries and cultures, a
jilted wife who refuses to forgive and becomes an FBI agent, and a priest with
a sinful past who brings faith and healing to those in need.
     A disillusioned young man, Alexander Garcia begins a life of crime.
     Illapa, a young Peruvian woman, marches through the Andes with a group
of “Shining Path” guerrillas. She excels as a crack terrorist.
  Ultimately they both must flee to save their violent lives.
  In the highlands of South America they find each other.
  Linda, abandoned wife and newly-minted FBI agent, pursues her target
zealously. When she finds him a totally different person, she has to make a
difficult decision.