"Sea Lust"
Poems From The Heart
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("Editors Choice Award" Poetry.com)

Spiraling down to kiss the sea,
A falling star from heaven flees
And as I watch in lovesick awe,
The cool, black sea turns its foamy face-
So they touch and the star’s glow dies,
To live again within your eyes.


Oh Dawn, translucent
tapestry of colors and luscious jewels
Come, Aurora, share with us
the light and the morning's dew
On your velvet cloak that brightly brings
the promise of hope anew this day

Shame the night devoid of hue
your mystic canvas
Nature's hand, divine the force
The palette of heaven, anxious
for the master's stroke, awaits

Then, in the east there comes a ray
it strikes the blow, the black to fade
And from the west, a mighty glow
the embers of love reborn, eternal flame
that fades with night and glows in the sky
Crescent moon watches all,
Venus, too, from high above.


The ghost of a moment
When candlelight flickers,
The ghost of a chance
To gather more treasure,
To store away hours
Enveloped in shadows,
Wrapped up in the timbre
of the resonant voice
As he reads from the poet
The sound reaches through me
And enters, and settles,
Exciting and soothing.
While candlelight flickers
Each word finds its meaning-
Breathless. I, captive,
Aware of the author,
Yearn to discover
All Eliot’s dream-world,
I will wander forever
Through the land of his voice.
Sea Lust Sample Poems
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If poetry can be said to be the songs of the heart, then this is
a book of heart songs, the deeply felt emotions of a heart that
is searching, seeking its own unique way through the labyrinth
of human emotions and experiences that make up a life.  As you
read his words and listen to their song, your heart will soar
and your pulse will quicken, his words are like the sea flowing
through your fingers as you wade in a crystal clear ocean. When
the heart speaks, what we hear is truth. Truth as seen through
the eyes of a poet, a poet at heart.