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March 5, 2009
90 Miles and a World Away

Key Largo, Fla:   Only 90 miles separate Cuba from the Florida Keys. And the drama
between the two is as real today as it was forty years ago. Author Simon Vincent
explores the tension, passion, and tumult of Cuban-American relations in the 70's
in his new novel Waypoint 90- In the Chambers of the Sea (now available from

Waypoint 90 offers an in-depth look at the power of redemption through love; a
story of passion and romance, of political intrigue and suspense, of friendship
and loyalty where the sea plays a pivotal role, drawing the characters, each in
their own way, to the Florida Keys to fulfill their destinies.

Michael Bean leaves his high-pressured, high profile life and unhappy marriage for
a simple life fishing and chartering. After a successful escape from Castro's
Cuba, Diana de la Vega brings her son to the place closest to her old life and her
jailed husband, caught during his own escape attempt. Diana's son finds a father
figure in Michael. And Michael and Diana find each other.

Meanwhile, Diana's husband is offered an unexpected chance to escape his island
prison. However, Diana must ask Michaels help to send a boat for the man she both
dreads and longs to see. Caught in the Mariel boatlift, events rock the characters
as the sea unleashes its fury and demands the ultimate sacrifice. A bittersweet
epilogue brings readers gently to the shore.


"this is my favorite book ever." Michelle B.

"...your style is unique and shows a tenderness that most authors lack."
Jack Denson, Phd. (Professor and Author)

"...I hope you keep on writing cause that was a beautiful tale, I couldn't
put it down..."
Jill S. (Reg. Nurse)

"Your writing style makes it very easy for the reader to become engrossed
in the storyline,. I related with the characters and felt the passion
behind your story."
Mary C. (Psychologist)

"I love your style and your poetic soul shines through with every line,
thank you for sharing your magic with me.".
Pamela V. (Actress)
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